Conservation and Preservation Record

andy-wirth-conservationGrowing up, Andy Wirth always had at least somewhat of an idea what line of work he was interested in. After all, the mountain resort and hotel industry CEO grew up with a grandfather who was a former US National Parks Service director. Wirth considers himself a conservationist and preservationist, and he continues this trend even as the CEO of Squaw Valley.

Since 1960, Squaw Valley has been a registered California Historical Landmark. Known as the Pioneer Ski Area of America, the location is the first place organized skiing took place over 100 years ago. With knew the location needed improvements, but he has been careful with the renovations to keep the historical significance front and center.

Squaw Valley has become a part of the local area, and many have voiced concern in the past when it comes to possible changes. Wirth, along with AMS Advantage Inc. and CapVance Working Captial Partners, examines any improvements they make before going through with the idea.

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