Squaw Valley

squaw-valleyThe Squaw Valley Ski Resort, located in Olympic Valley, California, has been in the hands of Andy Wirth since he took over as CEO in August 2010. Since then, Wirth has brought the ski area up to date and made it a premier destination in skiing circles around the world.

Shortly after Wirth took over as the CEO, Squaw Valley was purchased by KSL Capital Partners. He saw this as an opportunity to improve the resort, which had slowly faded out of relevancy since hosting the 1960 Olympics. Over the last half century, the resort struggled to keep up with more modern locations.

Wirth got the ball rolling with Squaw Valley’s major $70 million renovation. This included everything from improved mountain design to lodging upgrades. The company received almost immediate positive feedback, changing the public perception of the resort.

A year after taking over at Squaw Valley, the resort merged with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort to give visitors even more options to enjoy their winter vacations. As a result of the merger, Wirth became the CEO of Alpine Meadows as well.

To help showcase the changes Squaw Valley has gone through, Wirth agreed to take part in the CBS show Undercover Boss. The show featured the CEO working and interacting with employees as an anonymous new employee. The episode was seen by 7.329 million people during its initial run, finishing second in its time slot for the day.

Now known as the Pioneer Ski Area, Wirth continues to work towards making improvements to Squaw Valley to stay ahead of the competition in the area. In just three years, he has overseen quite a few changes, with more on the way.

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